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50 Cent to Launch a Cosmetics Line for Men

In 50 Cent on April 15, 2009 at 11:42 am

We’re not sure what to say about 50 Cent’s decision to launch a line of face-pampering cosmetics for men, so we’ll just start with the facts. It’s being reported that the street-hardened rapper is currently in the final stages of development on a male cosmetics line. According to a unnamed source, “his range will be for the guy who likes to be pampered, but the supplements will make it more butch.” Exactly what we’d expect from Fiddy, right?

Of all the rappers out there, 50 Cent would be close to the last guy we’d trust for our manscaping, moisturizing or pampering needs. Last in line would be Lil Wayne — obvs. Our best guess is that 50 Cent is getting sick and tired of Kanye hogging the spotlight with his LV loafers and fashion jetsetting. Now Fiddy’s found a way to get in on the action.