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‘Caught in the Crossfire,’ starring 50 Cent, Chris Klein and Adam Rodriguez, wraps in Grand Rapids today

In 50 Cent News on June 10, 2009 at 3:24 am

by John Serba | The Grand Rapids Press

The shootout has been shot and, after today, Grand Rapids will no longer be “Caught in the Crossfire.”

The film, starring rapper 50 Cent, Chris Klein (“American Pie”) and Adam Rodriguez (“CSI: Miami”), set up shop in G.R. over Memorial Day weekend, filming at J. Gardella’s Tavern, on the Sixth Street bridge, along the Grand River last week, on Front Ave. SW — where the shootout sequence took place Friday — and at Deano’s studio Monday.

Rick Hert, director of the West Michigan Film Office, said overall, the shoot went “real well.” He visited the set a few times, including Friday’s action-heavy sequence, which took place on a dead-end section of Front Avenue by an abandoned building, near US-131 and Fulton Street.

“There were police cars and shots fired — it was great fun,” Hert said. “It had low impact on the city, and low impact as far as noise goes.”

“Crossfire” is the directorial debut by East Grand Rapids native Brian Miller. It also was the first film from 50 Cent’s new Cheetah Vision production company, which he formed with producer Randall Emmett.

Hert said the “Crossfire” production employed 33 crew members, 25 of them from Grand Rapids.

“The good thing is, the more features we get, the more experience local workers get,” Hert said. “Talking to the crew on set, some of them are on their second or third movie.”

Emmett and 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) talked about bringing their next feature, a remake of “Jekyll and Hyde,” to Grand Rapids in the fall. Forest Whitaker has signed on to co-star with 50 Cent, and Abel Ferrara (“Bad Lieutenant”) will direct.

Also likely to start filming locally is “Tribes of October,” the new CGI-heavy green-screen feature starring Ray Stevenson, Robert Duvall and James Caan, from Cinepro Pictures, which produced “The Chaos Experiment.” FYI, Amazon lists an Aug. 4 release date for the “Chaos” DVD.

Cinepro reps already have said they were likely to film in the convention center at DeVos Place, and Hert said things are “looking positive” for shooting to begin in Aug.

“We’ve answered a lot of questions from the production company,” he said. “It’s looking good.”

Finally, “Hopeful Notes,” which filmed locally in February and March, is in post-production, and a new Web site features stills from the movie.

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