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Rick Ross Says 50 Cent Is -Finished

In 50 Cent, 50 Cent News, 50 Cent Personal on April 23, 2009 at 7:26 am

Rick Ross experienced a rush of publicity leading up to the Tuesday release of his third album, Deeper Than rap, with the anthem-like hits “Magnificent” and “Maybach Music 2” and his war of worlds with 50 Cent.
But the Miami artist is being accused of ratcheting up the beef to promote his project — just as Fif has been accused in the past. Ross denied the claim when he sat down with MTV News in New York, although he did call the situation “a platform for me.”
“You don\’t think about the marketing,” Ross said of the feud, which went public in January of this year with the release off his track “Mafia Music” “See, first of all, you know it\’s not about marketing, but most definitely the difference in this situation is that I was much more prepared than anyone anticipated [in the feud], being that all my moves have been pluses. I released \’Mafia Music,\’ not only was it a classic record, but it\’s a single on my album. We shot a video, so we getting our point across, and not only that, but we are making timeless records.Read full story 50 cent50cent