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50 Cent on Eminem: New Album Is Done

In 50 Cent Albums on April 14, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Guess who’s back, back again. Slim Shady, as he will be ‘relapsing’ to the radio airwaves and music charts, literally! Eminem is set to release his much-anticipated 6th album “Relapse,” and who better to give us the scoop then 50 Cent?
Hollyscoop caught up with 50 Cent at the Vitaminwater house in Park City where he was announcing projects for his production company Cheetah Vision with his producing parter Randall Emmett. 50 Cent gave us the scoop on Eminem’s 6th studio album.

50 said: “His new album is almost actually done. I went to Detroit to mix my song “I Get It In” with Dr. Dre [and] Eminem is currently mixing his album right now.

“It won’t be more than maybe 2 weeks before they start trying to figure out when they will start scheduling the release of his actual project.”

So can we expect another collaboration with 50 on the album? “Of course! I will be all over the record, you kidding me? You think I won’t take advantage of the opportunity for everybody to look at me and listen to me,” he joked. “Yes I will!”

The title of the album “Relapse” is interesting, especially since Eminem had checked into rehab in August 2005 for his dependency on sleep medication. Many believed that he had retired from the music industry for good.

Eminem will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders with his new album release, especially since he has been on a musical hiatus since 2005. Nevertheless Eminem never seems to disappoint with his music and controversial lyrics.